calendarGuiness World Record Attempt March 25th 2012 at Llanelli AFC (REDS)

Most people blowing a chewing gum bubble simultaneously

Current Record at Guinness World Records

Ganjo bubble blowingRev Gary Powell and GanjoEveryone must be over the age of 12 to take part. We are going for a New Guinness World record. Fancy being a Part of it? We will need between 500 and 1000 to participate in this World Record. Wrigley's are Sponsoring the event with 1700 packs of Hubba Bubba plus there will be media there on the day from TV to Radio to the Papers. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE! HELP RAISE MONEY FOR TY BRYNGWYN HOSPICE.

 Ganjo gives Chairman Rev. Gary Powell some bubble gum to practice and below right, demonstrates the technique. I have to say not quite what normally goes on at Fund Raising Committee meetings!


BTW Ganjo is aka Mark Jones see him at:



Sadly did not break the record BUT... great effort by Ganjo who has raised money for the Hospice and given Ty Bryngwyn great publicity. Thanks Ganjo smile