My mind was taken back recently to 1986, to the founding meeting to set up a hospice in the Llanelli/Dinefwr area. The impetus for the meeting came from Mr Tom Lewis and Mrs Winifred Lewis, having been greatly impressed by the facilities and dedication of the staff at Ty Olwen Hospice. They felt there was a need for a hospice in this area and arranged a meeting at their home and invited doctors, solicitors and nurses. It was agreed that a public meeting should be arranged; it was held at Moriah Chapel and wisely and tenderly chaired by the late Rev. Dewi Davies, with Dr. Peter Griffiths of Ty Olwen as guest speaker.

The one thing I can remember was a remark by Dr. Griffiths. He agreed that a hospice was needed with as many volunteers as possible to help with the venture, but he stressed that there was a battle ahead, with the need for "warriors". It is good to say that there have been many warriors in the struggle for the hospice. Individuals, societies, organisations, churches and chapels have given faithful support, not only in Llanelli but further afield as well. The Llanelli Star has been excellent in its support. We are greatly indebted to all.

Amongst our fund-raising activities we hold a yearly Daffodil Coffee Morning, a venture that was suggested to the late Mr Selwyn and Mrs Betty Samuel by a doctor and his wife who they met on holiday, who similarly had tragically lost a daughter. They also encouraged Mr and Mrs Samuel to set up a Garden of Hope in Llanelli. This project received invaluable help from Mr David Bannister , the Parks Superintendent for Llanelli, and his hard-working staff. This has proved to be a great help and blessing to the work of the hospice.

The Festival of Light before Christmas was full to capacity, showing the overwhelming support for Ty Bryngwyn, raising the sum of fourteen thousand pounds. What seemed impossible twenty years ago is now a hospice with day care and residential facilities we can be proud of.

May God's blessing be upon Ty Bryngwyn in the present and the future as it has been in the past.

Diolch I bawb

Phyllis Hughes
Nantybryn, Dafen, Llanelli