Gardd Gobaith Ty Bryngwyn Garden of Hope

On 14 March 2013 Ty Bryngwyn Hospice held its annual Daffodil Tea at the Thomas Arms Hotel in Llanelli. This venture was brought about by the late Mr Selwyn and Mrs Betty Samuel. When on holiday, they met a doctor and his wife who told them that they had recently lost a daughter to cancer. Mr and Mrs Samuel told this couple that they also had lost a daughter because of a road traffic accident. This joint experience of grief led to a bond being formed with the two couples. The doctor asked Mrs Samuel if she would be willing to get involved in a venture they had started. In their home town, they had been given part of a park and it was dedicated to the memory of their daughter.

Mr and Mrs Samuel then decided to see if a similar project could be done in Llanelli. Mr Samuel, who had been both the Town Clerk of Llanelli Borough Council as well as Llanelli Town Council, approached Mr David Bannister, the Parks Superintendent, for his help and advice. Mr Bannister gave a considerable amount of his time to help set up what was to become known as the Garden of Hope. The general public, plus the churches, chapels and schools of the town , were then asked if they would be willing to purchase daffodils to plant at the agreed site of Gelli Onn. The support was overwhelming and so the Garden was opened in 1993. The yearly display of yellow daffodils is a sight to treasure. This has been a means of raising a considerable sum of money for the Hospice.

In recognition of Mr and Mrs Samuel's achievement in setting up the Garden, we are placing this beautiful cushion in the chapel of Ty Bryngwyn Hospice. We are very grateful to Mrs Julie Jones of Nantybryn, Dafen, for designing and making the cushion, which she has very kindly donated to the Hospice.