Launa Harries

Fund raiser Launa Harries has written this poignant account of her experience that epitomises the ethos of the hospice.

On 20th December I turn 30 and I can't wait to celebrate!

This year, I wish to celebrate by donating my birthday to charity. I don't wish to receive any cards or gifts, all I wish is for those closest to me to consider giving towards The Ty Bryngwyn Fundraising Appeal and here's why...

My Mum spent a majority of 2006 going in and out of Ty Bryngwyn hospice in Llanelli for Palliative Care, where the amazing staff there helped to manage her pain and keep her comfortable. It is a lovely place, where patients and their families can feel at home. My Mum set up camp there, with her Ovaltine in the kitchen cupboard, her nail products lined up on her bedside chest, her perfume stinking out the corridors and her PJs neatly folded in the drawers. She would always greet me with a smile saying "Hello Poppet". The hospice became the only place that made my Mum confident that she could handle her pain - she was my Mum again whilst we were there.

This time 7 years ago, my Mum, Dad and I spent my 23rd Birthday and last Christmas together at Ty Bryngwyn. The staff that worked on Christmas Day made the day so special. We were lucky that Mum wasn't bed bound so we could sit around a table together and enjoy a Christmas lunch with crackers 'n' all; Mum dined in her best matching PJs, finished her plateful and even had a glass of white wine - this was a big deal at the time!

I will raise my glass of bubbly on my 30th... I'll always be your "Poppet" Mum. Always in my thoughts. Love you xxx
- Virgin Money Giving is an alternative to JustGiving and is not for profit organisation; it is easy to use and they will claim Gift Aid on Ty Bryngwyn's behalf where the donor is eligible for this.

Launa Harries


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