Adam Fussell Skydive 16 August 2014

Further to the article reproduced from the Llanelli Star, Adam has now achieved his Tandem Skydive. Having been delayed once before due to the weather, Adam was given the go ahead for the 16th August. Come the day it was still touch and go with the winds gusting to 20 mph or so. Accompanied by his grandmother Pauline Hancock (a member of the Llanelli Hospice Appeal Fund) and other family members, he went to Swansea Airport for the allotted time of 12:00 hrs.

Seven hours later Adam finally jumped! With the many others skydiving the airport was bustling. Skydive Swansea was kept busy instructing the novice skydivers and kitting them all out.

Why seven hours later? Tandem skydives are limited to a maximum wind speed of 22 mph and these were the sort of speeds being experienced during the day. Adam went up three times and it wasn't until the third attempt, at 18:30 hrs., that the winds had calmed sufficiently to be able to jump. A long wait indeed but Adam finally made it and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Of course this is all about raising money for Pauline's and Adams charities, Ty Bryngwyn Hospice Appeal Fund and the Chemotherapy Unit Prince Philip Hospital.