A Former Contestant on the Voice, Ben Fernihough, is Releasing a Single for the Hospice that Cared for his Dying Dad.

Ben Fernihough, originally from Llandeilo , has recorded a charity single in memory of his dad as a way of giving back to Ty Bryngwyn Hospice. The singer-songwriter penned the tribute whilst his dad was going through treatment for stomach cancer, before he sadly passed away last year at the hospice.

“It was a bit emotional and a bit of therapy", he said.

“It’s called PaX. When dad was in hospital there was a lot of texting before he got really ill and he’d sign off his texts with Pa X - Pa as in dad and a big kiss.

“That’s where the song came from and it seemed like the right title to have."

“Dad always liked my music and he was by far my biggest critic.”

Ben will be donating all of the money he makes from the single to Ty Bryngwyn Hospice, in Llanelli , as a way of thanking them for the care his dad received.

He added: “I’m not in to events like half marathons so I thought this was a good way of raising money for the hospice."

“The hospice was fantastic and it was very tranquil. It was a quiet, peaceful environment."

“Hospices are very important and are a bit more personal. Dad loved his music so we took his favourite CDs for him to listen to which you can’t really do in a hospital."

“I want to give something back as a way of thanks for the incredible end of life care my father received and the support we received as a family.”

Since releasing the track, Ben has received emails from other people with similar experiences, sharing their stories.

“There’s been great recognition for the song and lots of people have been sharing their stories,”  he said.

“I’ve had emails from people telling me about their family members.

“It makes you realise that cancer is massive.”

Unfortunately, Ben’s dad passed away days before he found out that he’d made it through as one of the final few to perform in front of the judges on ITV’s The Voice.

Despite the news, Ben decided to go through with the audition as he knew it was what his dad would have wanted.

He said: “He was very excited to hear I had been given the opportunity to audition for The Voice after appearing at an open mic night near my home in Bristol."

“They were brilliant - they were very compassionate and accommodating and made sure they saw me quickly when I was travelling back and fore."

“I was very close to my dad so it was very upsetting but it occupied my mind and was a little bit of light in a dark time."

“The judges didn’t turn around but they gave me a standing ovation and I walked away knowing that dad would have been proud of my performance."

“It was a really good experience but I didn’t get to meet Tom Jones which was gutting!”

Now Ben is preparing to return to Llandeilo for a sold out gig to launch the single - somewhere he hasn’t performed since he was in a rock band.
Held at The Angel on Saturday night, all of the proceeds will also be going to the hospice.

“We moved to Llandeilo when I was three but I’m a Wales rugby fan and Dad and I used to watch the Scarlets,” he said.

“I go back quite regularly but I haven’t played there for a long time."

“I’m very excited and also nervous."

"My wife Eirlys has been so supportive as has my best mate Jason Selby. They’ve really helped in getting the gig and song organised."

“I’m thrilled as it sold out in less than a week - the support has been amazing.”

Ben’s single is available to download at PaX with all of the proceeds going to Ty Bryngwyn Hospice.

Article reproduced by courtesy of WalesOnline