This August [2018], Lou and Dee Webster hosted a garden party at their house in Machynys. Such a pristine, verdant lawn, despite the arid drought! Prior to moving to Wales, from Stevenage, England, the couple had for eleven years held similar events, in order to raise money for a hospice in Hertfordshire.

This year, Dee’s children, also having moved to Llanelli from Stevenage, decided they wanted the money raised to be donated to Ty Bryngwyn Hospice. Their grandfather, the late Alfred Loker, had been cared for at Ty Bryngwyn until he passed away. His widow, Mrs Iris Loker, then dedicated her time towards tireless fundraising for the hospice, raising thousands of pounds, including the remarkable auctioning of a fabulous quilt she, Iris, had made.

This year, the event was called “Jamming on the Decking.” Dee, an exceptionally accomplished bassist, invited his band, Half Tidy, to be the main act during the party, and several other musicians also participated, including Dee’s twelve year old granddaughter!

On that bright August day, the sun shone, the wine flowed, as did the music, and the guests delved deep into their pockets to raise the £200 for Ty Bryngwyn. Inhibitions were left at the door, hair was let down and a true jamming session ensued.

We all had a wonderful time. It was a poignant evening, for many reasons, and we are longing for a repeat performance.

Here’s to you, Ty Bryngwyn, count on Half Tidy’s continuing support.