Alana Harries London Marathon 2019 (photos by

In November 2006 my world got turned upside down when I lost my Dad to cancer. I’m sure anyone who has lost their Dad will tell you how much it hurts not to have them by your side for the big moments in life. As much as it hurts not to have him by my side or to remember the pain he went through I know his short illness was helped by the amazing staff at Ty Bryngwyn Hospice Llanelli. Not only did they help my Dad but they helped my family and me a great lot with their amazing work and caring hearts. In memory of my Dad and a Thank You to Ty Bryngwyn, to give something back to them and other families going through the same I’m going to be running the London Marathon on April 28th 2019. It would mean the world and more if you could help me reach my target. Thank you. ~ Alana

On 28 April 2019 in memory of her Dad and as a thank you to the amazing staff at Ty Bryngwyn Hospice, Alana Harries took part in the London Marathon.  Her target was to raise £500 but she exceeded this and raised the grand total of £2,345.20! This was made possible by her generous sponsors offline and through Virgin Money Giving,  various fundraising events and the support of her employers, Jenkins Bakery.  Thank you Alana - your Dad would be so proud of your amazing achievement.