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The Scarlets are supporting The Llanelli Star whose charity of the year is Ty Bryngwyn.

The Scarlets invited representative from Ty Bryngwyn Appeal Fund for a photo shoot to be published in this weeks Llanelli Star.



THE Scarlets have thrown their weight behind the Star's Never Stop Caring campaign to raise funds for Ty Bryngwyn Hospice.

Stars from the rugby club met with members of the Ty Bryngwyn Hospice Trust fundraising committee last week to pledge their support.

The region will officially declare its support in the match programme for the game against Munster at 6.15pm on April 16 but supporters can make donations at the Parc y Scarlets shop from this week.

The move is particularly poignant for Scarlets coach Nigel Davies as his mother died in the hospice earlier this year.

Nigel spoke openly to the Star about his loss in order to highlight the work the hospice and its staff carry out for the people of Llanelli.

He said: "My mother was recently in Ty Bryngwyn and I have to say it's an absolutely fabulous facility, the care they are able to provide there for the severely sick is second to none.

"My mother actually passed away there, she was in complete comfort and I know her last couple of weeks were made a lot easier because of the staff and the support she had in the facility."

Explaining the region's decision to support the campaign, he said: "I think it's a great organisation and is something that we should all support.

"We will all be touched by it at some point in our lives so it's important that we support it. From the Scarlets' perspective we are fully behind the appeal."

Expanding on his own experience of the hospice which relies heavily on donations, he added: "We can't thank the staff enough for the way they treated and dealt with my mother, it was such a comfortable place for her to finally pass away.

"We couldn't have done it at home because of her condition the service they provide is second to none.

"I wasn't really aware of it before. I had seen the building a couple of times when I'd gone to the hospital but I wasn't aware what it was and how great the facility is.

"It's a world class facility run by world class people which provides real comfort for both the patient and their family in their hour of need."

And in a direct appeal to the people of Llanelli, Nigel said: "It has been very enlightening for me to see a facility like this in Llanelli and we should be very proud of it. There's absolutely no question that we must maintain it and we must support it."

Former Scarlets favourite and now general manger, Rupert Moon, added: "Our coach has personal experience of Ty Bryngwyn, his mother got fabulous care there and he is very proud of the fact that there's such a fabulous place in the centre of town available for all to use. As the Scarlets, it's the least we can do to help support the Llanelli Star's campaign to support Ty Bryngwyn.

"We ask people just to support in any way they can, every pound makes a difference.

"Llanelli has demonstrated time and time again how they come together as a community and it's fabulous we have got such a great facility for when you need it. You don't wish people to have a need for the hospice but it's there and they put an arm around you and take care of you in your hour of need."

Sue Thomas, secretary of the hospice fundraising committee, said: "It's wonderful that the Scarlets are supporting us in this campaign. We need all the help we can get."

By geraint thomas

Reproduced by kind permission of the Llanelli Star

30 March 2011